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The College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences’ network gives you access to email, the internet, common applications and files.
Relates to: IT Consulting Services
This document will walk you through the process of building a rule in the Mail app to automatically move messages older than a year to a specific folder, and to delete messages that are older than two years.
Relates to: CVM Email Services CVM E-mail Tools
This document will step you through locating your asset tag on a CVM Mac computer
Relates to: Apple Workstations Compaq Workstations Asus Workstations Gateway Workstations Dell Workstations Microsoft Workstations Hewlett-Packard Workstations
How do I install approved software on my CVM Mac?
Relates to: Site License Software Services Public Domain Software Applications and Resource Services Commercial Software
In order to view an email account for which you have been assigned delegate access, you will need to manually open that account’s inbox. This guide will walk you through this process for the Outlook client on OSX.
Relates to: CVM E-mail Tools CVM Email Services
This document will cover how to open a separate mailbox under Webmail.
Relates to: CVM Email Services
This document will walk you through registering and installing your Android into the ZENworks management.
Relates to: Software Services
This document will show you how to find your device asset ID number.
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The Texas A&M University (TAMU) Data Classification Standard is intended to help data stewards, data owners, resource custodians and Information Technology (IT) personnel across the TAMU colleges, agencies, divisions ...
Relates to: Security Services
How to reserve a conference room or study area using the Outlook 2016 client in CVM.
Relates to: Commercial Software
This document will walk you through installing a printer using a CVM machine.
Relates to: Computer Labs and Printing
The Standard Practices Exception form is used when a customer wishes to obtain equipment, software or access rights which are not normally granted under standard practices. The most common use for this form is for the pet...
Relates to: IT Consulting Services
How to install Symantec Endpoint Protect for Mac
Relates to: Software Services
Instructions for users to access NanoZoomer Digital Pathology serve system through a browser.
Relates to: Commercial Software
Instructions for users to enter the NanoZoomer Digital Pathology software.
Relates to: Commercial Software