Profile migration of CVM ID to


Profile migration of CVM ID to The profile management script in ZENworks will be used to facilitate a seamless transition of existing data from CVM ID profiles to profiles to include merging of files from one account to the next.

1. Restart the computer and then login with your CVM ID and password.

Windows Login

2. Once logged on, open the ZENworks Application by double clicking the ZENworks icon on the bottom right side of your screen.
Zenworks Button

3. The ZENworks Application window will open. Now type "Migrate" in the search box. You will see the “Profile Migration to NetID” bundle. Double-click this icon to start the application.

Profile Migration File


4. The migration process will now begin, which could possibly take up-to 15 minutes depending on the amount of data on the computer. However, this typically only takes a few minutes.  All CVM profiles on the computer will be migrated to profiles. Please do not use the computer while the process runs.

Profile Migration Installation


5. Your machine will then reboot after the migration. Once at the login screen, sign in with your

Windows Login


CVM NetID Migration: Once your workstation account has been migrated, please login with and password. Please use the following format: (If you get a login error, please check your password at or call TAMU Helpdesk Central at 979.845.8300.)

File Access and Storage: Once you are logged in, you will have access to the following network drives.

U: (netid) points to your user area.

V: (department drive) points to your department’s shared area.

W: (cvm-dfs) A list of all available department and labs shares. You may not have access to view into each folder.

Y: Scratch drive – Temporary file storage for file transfer and sharing with other CVM departments outside your own.

Please verify the following:

• The file areas listed above still contain the same contents as before the migration.

• Your Outlook opens and has current e-mail.

• Verify your locally stored data is available.

• Your iPrint (Network) printer connects and works using your NetID.

• If you have Microsoft Access Database shortcuts provided via Zenworks, verify they are available

• If you use LaserFiche, verify that it still connects and logs in. (currently still uses CVM ID except VMTH)

• Helpdesk Website ( still uses CVM ID.

• If on a mobile device, verify that TAMULINK-WPA connects with NetID as CVM Wireless is being discontinued.



If you have any issues related to the NetID migration, please email or contact the CVM Help Desk at 979-862-4554.


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