Entering NanoZoomer Digital Pathology


Instructions for users to enter the NanoZoomer Digital Pathology software.

  1. Open the Start Menu
  2. Click on 'NDP.view'


Windows 10 Start Menu



Click on 'Open Location', represented by a globe icon in the top left of the application window.




Close-up view of NanoZoomer Digital Pathology main menu



A new dialogue box will come up titled 'Open Location'.

Enter location: gilab-histo1.cvm.tamu.edu

Click 'Ok'




Close-up view of Location Entry Fields







If you have difficulties with this or any other procedure, please call the Help Desk at 979-862-4554 or write to helpdesk@cvm.tamu.edu.    Please include the asset tag number of the computer you’re working with, and a good phone number to contact you.


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