Standard Practices Exception Form


The Standard Practices Exception form is used when a customer wishes to obtain equipment, software or access rights which are not normally granted under standard practices. The most common use for this form is for the petition to gain Administrative Access to a computer or system. A customer must provide compelling evidence and reasoning for the request, which is then subject to a review process to grant the exception.

The Standard Practices Exception Form is comprised of 4 pages:

Page 1: Initial Customer Request

The customer is required to fill out all fields of this page relevant to the request. Please include costs associated with not having this exception and if any other options are available. It must be signed by the customer (requestor), supervisor and department head. The completed Page 1 should then be forwarded to the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (CVMBS) Information Technology Services (ITS) helpdesk at 200 VIDI (Mailstop 4461) or A support ticket will be opened to track the progress of this request.

Page 2: Information Technology Services Review

CVMBS ITS will schedule a time to meet with the requestor and lists the possible risks identified in granting the request. The CVMBS ITS technician will either recommend approval or denial of the request based on the risks identified and if other options exist that have less risks or risks that have already been accepted by the University or College. The request is then signed by the ITS technician making the initial assessment, along with the ITS Manager and ITS Director. If in the course of ITS investigation, an alternative solution is found to work by the customer, the ticket can be closed at this point by the customer.

Page 3: IT Committee Review

The IT Committee holds a meeting to determine their recommendation of the request. They might request more information of the customer or CVMBS ITS to make a well informed decision. They will either recommend approval or denial of the request. It is signed by the Committee Chair and sent to the Dean.

Page 4: Dean Approval

The CVMBS Dean reviews the request document. The CVMBS Dean may request more information of the customer or CVMBS ITS to make a well informed decision. The CVMBS Dean either approves the request excepting any risk identified or denies the request.

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