Adding a Printer through iPrint for Mac Devices


There is an extra step involved, as Macs normally need the printer drivers installed on their computers prior to engaging iPrint, but it is a relatively straightforward process for installing a Printer with a Mac.

Adding a Printer through iPrint for Mac Devices



1. Open any internet browser.


2. At the top of website in search bar, type and hit enter.


iprint printer address photo


3. From there log into iprint by click on log in at the top right hand side of the browser. A pop up box will appear, log in using your NetID credentials.


login prompt photo


iprint portal prompt netid photo


netid insertion photo


4. Once logged in, search for the network printer that you are looking to install. Once located, click on the printer name then you will see the install icon to install the printer. Click on install to start the install.


printer search photo