Adding Exchange to iOS 11


This is the instruction set for adding your TAMU email to you iPhone or iPad. 


Adding Exchange to iOS 11


1. Find the “Settings” App on your iPhone or iPad.

settings app photo


2. Scroll down to “Accounts & Passwords”. Tap this option.

accounts and password photo

3. Tap “Add Account”

add account photo

4. Tap the “Exchange” Option

exchange option photo

5. Enter your email in the “Email” space. Remember, this is your NETID followed by You may make the description whatever you want it to be. Tap Next.

enter exchange email photo

6. Tap the “Sign In” option.

sign in option photo

7. Input your NETID password in the password box, then tap Next.

Net id input box photo

8. In the “Sever” box, enter as it appears below. Then, in the “Username” field, type your NETID followed by Then, tape Next After tapping “Save”, your exchange setup for your iPhone or iPad will be completed.

net id password input photo

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