How to enroll an Android device in ZENworks


This document will walk you through registering and installing your Android into the ZENworks management.


How to enroll an Android device in ZENworks


  1. In the Google Chrome browser on the Android device, enter:

    NOTE: You must use Google Chrome. The built-in Internet browser is not supported.

    The login screen for the ZENworks User Portal is displayed. You use the user portal to enroll devices to the zone.
    Android Zenworks Portal photo
    All devices associated with the user, are displayed in the ZENworks User Portal.
  2. Enter your user name, password and specify as the domain. Tap Sign In.
    Android domain menu photo
  3. Tap Enroll in the upper-right corner to display the enrollment options for the device.
    enroll home menu photo
  4. Tap Managed Device Only.
    app download prompt photo
  5. Tap Download App. The user will be directed to the Google Play Store, where the user needs to click

    Install to install the ZENworks Agent app. After installation, click Open.

  6. Click Activate this Device Administrator to enable you to manage the device by performing the operations listed in this screen.
    Activate device Admin photo
  7. The ZENworks Agent app login screen is displayed.
    zenn app login
  8. Fill in the fields, then tap Sign In.
    User name, Password, Domain, Server URL: Use the same user name, password, and registration domain that you had initially used to log in to the ZENworks User Portal along with the server URL of:
  9. The ZENworks Agent App Home screen is displayed, showing that the device is enrolled and active.

    user menu photo


    If you have difficulties with this procedure, contact the CVM Helpdesk at 862-4554 or email for assistance.


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