How to locate your asset tag on a Windows CVM Machine


This document will show you how to find your device asset tag number on a windows machine.


Finding your Asset Tag on a CVM windows machine




If your computer is already on, find the windows search bar on the bottom left of the screen.


Windows search bar photo


1. Type CVM in the search box.


Windows CVM Asset Identification Utility search photo


2. The CVM Asset Identification Utility will then pop up, click the open option.



CVM Asset ID Utility photo


3. You will then see the CVM Asset Identification tool appear with your computer name, asset tag and Serial number, now click the Request Work Order tab.


Create request pop up photo


4. The create a request window will open and you will have to fill out your information.


Building location drop down menu photo



Customer Information and Problem Description box photo


5. After filling out your information you can hit the submit button and an email will be immediately sent to the CVM Help desk to initiate a work order ticket for our technicians.


Confirmation email photo


6. You now have the confirmation email for your work order from the CVM Help desk.



If you have any issues with this knowledge base or article contact the CVM help Desk at 979 862 4554 or write to us


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