How to locate your Asset Tag Number on a CVM Mac and Utilize the CVM Asset Identification Utility.


This document will step you through locating your asset tag on a CVM Mac computer and use the CVM Asset Identification Utility to place a work order with Help Desk


How to locate your Asset Tag Number on a CVM Mac




1. On your desktop, locate your Lauchpad Icon and open it.


Launchpad icon photo


2. Once open, you should see a list of icons such as the following:


Icon listing photo


3. In the search box at the top, type in CVM Asset and press enter.


Icon search box photo


4. The following icon should appear:


Asset utilty icon photo


5. Click on the icon to open the software and your computer information that CVM IT requires will be listed.


Asset tag information photo


6. Alternatively, you can located the CVM Asset ID Utility by opening Launchpad as before and clicking on the “Other” Icon


other icon search box photo


7. You should see something similar to the following:


Other search box listing photo


8. Double Click on the CVM Asset ID Utility icon and once again your computer information will be listed.


Asset tag information work order pop up photo


9. You now have the option to open a work order for this Asset. Click the open button and you will have a pop up asking to describe the problem with the asset.


Description box photo



10. The next pop up will ask you what is a good callback number.



Call back number box



11. The next box will ask where is the computer located?


Computer location box



12. The next box will ask you for a good email address to reach you.


Email address box photo



13. After filling out your information you can hit the submit button and an email will be immediately sent to the CVM Help desk to initiate a work order ticket for our technicians.