How to Add an E-mail Delegate Account in MS Outlook for Mac


In order to view an email account for which you have been assigned delegate access, you will need to manually open that account’s inbox. This guide will walk you through this process for the Outlook client on OSX.

Open Outlook, and from the main menu bar, click on Outlook, then Preferences.


Click on the Accounts icon.


Then, click on the Advanced button:


Go to the Delegates tab and click on lower the plus arrow


A screen like this should come up, now simply type the person who you want to delegate for. Click on their name, then OK.


You should see their name under the “People I am delegate for:” table. Click ok and go back to your inbox.


Now you should see the other person’s inbox in the left hand pane. Feel free to contact Network Support if you’re still having issues connecting to the delegate account.


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