Opening another Mailbox in Outlook Webmail


This document will cover how to open a separate mailbox under Webmail.

Opening another Mailbox in Outlook Webmail
First, login to your regular mailbox and click on your username in the top-right hand corner:



Next, you’ll see a text box (like the one below) and type in the Other Mailbox you want to open:



Then after you type in the name, press Enter on the keyboard, and then click the “Open…” button:


After you press on the Open… button, it should take you to your new webmail mailbox. If you are unable to connect with the mailbox you entered, you can contact helpdesk at (979)-862-4554 to see if you have permissions for that mailbox.

To get back to your main account:
Follow the 3 steps from above by typing in your name into the text box and then clicking on the Open button.

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