Student lab computer login, file access and storage


This article demonstrates how to login and access lab computers, file and data storage. It also explains the ability to share files on the CVM departmental system network. This is primarily for new students, graduate students, and teaching faculty.



Student lab computer login, file access and storage



Please login to the login screen with your NetID in the form of

Please enter your NetID password in the password field.


If you get a login error, please check your password at or call TAMU Helpdesk Central at 979.845.8300.



NetID prompt photo




File Access and Storage


Once you are logged in, you will have access to the following network drives (Vet Students really only have the X: drive now and no longer will have a U: drive):

V: (department drive) points to your department’s shared area. (This is primarily for graduate students and faculty)
W: (cvm-dfs) A list of all available department and labs shares. You may not have access to view into each folder.
U: (netid) points to your user area
X: (Students) points to the student area, including a folder for Scratch (not everyone will have this drive)


Warning: Every Sunday, the server checks the dates on the files in the scratch folder. Anything that hasn’t been modified for MORE THAN FOURTEEN (14) days is automatically deleted.



Helpdesk Phone: 979.862.4554
Helpdesk email:


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