Welcome to the CVM Computer System!


The College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences’ network gives you access to email, the internet, common applications and files.

Login information listed below will need to be typed in if any of the fields are blank. Password must always be entered. If this is your first time logging in, you will most likely have a temporary password. Your password must be at least 8 characters long with at least 3 of the following: a number, a symbol, an uppercase letter and a lowercase letter.



Your USERID is normally composed of your First Initial and Last name. On your own machine, you should be able to login with just your UserID.


File Access and Storage


Once you are logged into the network, you will have access to the following network drives:

V: points to your department’s shared area..
W: points to the root of all departments
U: points to your user area
X: points to the student area (not everyone will have this drive)


Y: drive points to a shared area. Everyone on the network can see this area. It contains the folder Scratch. The Scratch folder is best used for short term storage of large files. Since this area is accessible by anyone, DO NOT put sensitive/personal data in it. This folder is ideal for transferring large data files from one computer to another. You can create a folder under Scratch and copy the items into it, then notify the recipient that the files are there via e-mail or phone. This area is not backed up and is automatically purged every Sunday of any files that have been there for 14 days.
Warning: Every Sunday, the server checks the dates on the files in the scratch folder. Anything that hasn’t been modified for MORE THAN FOURTEEN (14) days is automatically deleted.





Each of your departments has network printers that you can use when you are logged into the network.
You can use your browser to install printers. Open up your browser and type “https://iprint.cvm.tamu.edu/print” into your address bar. You will see a list of the printers available. Normally, you will only be able to use printers within your department. We have tried to name the printers with the department, building and room numbers to make choosing a printer easier. You may need to check with your department to see what printer they prefer you use. If you need additional help installing your printer don’t hesitate to call or email for help.

                                        Helpdesk Phone: 862-4554                                                                                                 Helpdesk email: helpdesk@cvm.tamu.edu

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