Iprint client and printer installation on windows device


How to map a printer through Iprint in browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) For windows device

Iprint client and printer installation on personal device


Install iprint client from https://iprint.cvm.tamu.edu/print/printers in browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.)

Download iprint client application and install on your computer

Install application and enter credentials to install

Press next when prompted @ pop-up

Let install complete

Press finish when completed

You should see client symbol in task bar of your device (mac or pc)


Printer installation


Go to https://iprint.cvm.tamu.edu/print/printers in your browser.


Log into iprint on top right of web page using you NetId & Password to authenticate and install secured printers.



Search for printer by typing in your Department {i.e. VMTH-Building\location-). This will help narrow down number of printers.



Click on printer option and press install.

**You may receive ldap pop-up window for credentials: use your netid and password and press remember credentials button then press enter. Press Allow at pop-up. Press yes at installation





You should see installation window and completion window press ok to close installation.

You will most likely receive iprint pop-up window to authenticate use your NetId & Password


(If you have any trouble report error or errors you are receiving to open ticket or helpdesk@cvm.tamu.edu to troubleshoot further).











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