CVM Emergency Remote Access Tools


The following is a list of resources for CVM Faculty and Staff to assist with preparing and delivering teaching material to students remotely.

This document provides links and instructions to access the primary CVM systems remotely.

All systems listed will use your TAMU NetID.

Most will do dual authentication with DUO.

Remote File Access:

  • FILR - Provides web access to all CVM file locations. Provides file sync as well. This service currently works without the need for VPN
Remote Email:
  • Exchange Webmail – Web access to TAMU exchange email accounts. This service will work without VPN, but does require DUO.

TAMUS Single Sign On:
  • SSO – Provides web access to Workday, Concur, Service Now, Aggiebuy, HRConnect. This service will work without VPN, but does require DUO.

ZOOM Web Conference:
  • TAMU-Zoom – Provides access to the ZOOM conference system. Use your NetID to log into the TAMU Instance of ZOOM. This service will work without VPN, but does require DUO.

CVM Helpdesk:
  • CVM Service Desk portal – This give users access to their existing work orders as well as creation of new work orders. Allow communication to your Technician and a way to provide feedback. Updated documentation is provided in the Knowledge or Knowledge base portion. This service will work without VPN and is not currently DUO enabled.
Cisco VPN:
  • TAMU AnyConnect – Services that are not presented outside the Campus firewall will need to connect to this VPN before they can proceed further.
  • CVM mobile computers should already have the Anyconnect client installed. If you find it missing, it can be installed via the ZEN App Launcher.

All applications below will need to have the AnyConnect VPN connected to utilize to these services:

Veterinary Medical Information System:

MediaSite Desktop Recorder:
CVM Moodle Access:
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