What to test after your Windows computer is migrated to use NetID for logon


After your computer has been migrated to use NetID@tamu.edu to login, there are several things that need to be verified as functional.

After your computer has been migrated to use the TAMU NetID to login, please verify the following items still function correctly.

1. Login to Outlook and verify that your email is functional. 
2. Click "This PC" on your desktop. Verify that all your network drives (User U:, Department V:, DFS W:, Scratch Y:, etc. ) appear and have the same data as before.
3. Verify your folder content looks as expected. 
4. Verify that all existing desktop icons are visible. 
5. Print a test page on a network printer to verify it is printing normally.  A credential popup may occur.  If so, enter your NetID@tamu.edu and click the box to save your password.
6. Any shortcuts that point to the old profile name will need to be re-created.
7. If Laserfiche is used, open it and if needed, enter the server name and select the correct repository.
    (Server Info: LF-DocMgmnt.cvm.tamu.edu; Repository Info: CVM-Laserfiche)
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